Stations of the Cross

Installation Views Art | 33 | Basel, Art Unlimited, Basel, Switzerland Dombergmuseum Freising, Freising, Germany St. Wolfgang Church, Regensburg, Germany Individual panels with text and foreword by Jack Miles below Foreword Our contemporary experience of the world is a photographically … Read More

Mohammad Salemy for Flash Art Summer 2015

from FlashArt: Feature / 303 July – August – September 2015 Francis Ruyter “John Collier: Fort Kent, Maine (vicinity)…” (2014) by Mohammad Salemy The paintings of Francis Ruyter (b. 1968, USA; lives in New York) are often described as the … Read More


FRANCIS RUYTER Hurricane/Time/ImageCurated by Mohammad Salemy 11 April – 9 May 2019Opens 10 April 19h – 21hFranz Josefs Kai 3Vienna 1010 The exhibition Hurricane/Time/Image reroutes a new line of understanding around Francis Ruyter’s painting practice by sandwiching his new works … Read More


(an interview by email, never published – 2008) What drew you to following the Iran nuclear story as it unfolded at the IAEA? A few years ago I met a journalist working on this story and began to follow it … Read More

A LADY MISLAID – Interview by Eva Karcher

Interview By Eva Karcher (Excerpted) originally published in Lisa Ruyter/A Lady Mislaid; published by Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg/Paris and Arndt & Partner, Berlin/Zürich The following interview is divided into short thematic sections, ranging from A for Attractiveness to S for … Read More


January 2003 ASS / Art Star Scene Mag Francis Ruyter Interview: A Real art star chats with Reverend Jen By Reverend Jen While the majority of ASS will be dedicated to celebrating the not-so-famous, the washed up and the poor, … Read More